Artistic Avenue's team are innovators and trendsetters best known for their creative ideas, unexpected décor accents and exquisite attention to every last detail. The teams humor and calm demeanor helps their clients relax as they creates a one-of-a-kind event of their dreams. Our experienced team is capable of planning everything from a party of two to a party for thousands. No matter the number of guests, Artistic Avenue events are stylish, personalized and unforgettable.

Our team...

Founder and Lifestyle Artist Nikita Richardson, is an artistic visionary whose widely diverse ability, uniquely creative talents and outstanding reputation has made her a tremendous success in the lifestyle arena for over 20 years. Nikita has created a name for herself by taking her passion for designing breathtaking ideas and transforming them into a lifestyle.


Exceeding expectations with an unmatched level of inspiration, imagination and innovation, Nikita harvests a lifestyle, showcasing the latest trends in the event space. Fun Fact: Nikita is adrenaline seeker.

Director of Operations Ruth Guerrier brings over 15 years of experience to Artistic Avenue. Ruth's attention to detail,  event management expertise, and proficient marketing background contributes the perfect addition to a team of excellence.  Fun Fact: Although Ruth has many strengths she can easily be swayed when given coffee and cake for breakfast. 

Events Coordinator Brandon Eure background in Logistics and Supply Chain, brings vital skills to ensure events are planned seamlessly from start to finish. His attention to detail and sharp-witted mind allows clients to relax knowing that the smallest tasks will be handled. Brandon has the necessary foundation to bring the client’s vision to fruition.